AUDIO CONTENT UNLEASHED. Unlimited Listens provides frictionless listening experiences anytime, anywhere under a number of business models including: free/ad-based, one monthly fee with access to unlimited listens and verticalized, unlimited, annual plans sold via to public libraries.

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Features & Benefits

Unlimited Listens puts top audiobooks in your listeners hands and ears.  

No need for credits or purchasing to access content.  We provide the authors and genres customers love and those yet unknown stories that will take you to new places effortlessly.

Stacking UpUnlimited ListensStacking UpTraditional Library Models
Unlimited access to large catalog of titlesX
On-Demand audiobook streamingXX
Instant accessXX
Niche curation / category segmentationX


As a business, UL is capitalizing on the fastest growing trend in the audiobook space by providing unfettered access to large catalogs of audio content through public libraries and D2C with ads-based or affordable, monthly unlimited subscription plan options.


With nearly 50% of Americans listening to audiobooks, representing 11% of the market share of overall books published and sold in the US, there is significant room for growth. The overall digital audio industry had the strongest growth rate of any media in 2022. That puts audiobooks on a trajectory for exponential growth.